var firstMissingPositive = function (nums) {
  let arr = [true];
  nums.forEach((val) => {
  if (val > 0) {
    arr[val] = true;
  return [arr, arr.indexOf(undefined)];

Why this doesn’t work?!

firstMissingPositive([2]) // [[true, undefined, true], -1]

Why -1 !?

but if just run [true, undefined, true].indexOf(undefined) in chrome dev tools it returns 1.


主要是 chrome 的打印问题, sparse (稀疏) 的 array 在没有定义的项目上,chrome 会打印出来 undefined 。但是这个其实是真的没有定义过的,对于 indexOf 来说,不像 console.log 会将没有定义的元素补全为 undefinedindexOf 是看不到这个元素的。


arr.findIndex(val => !val); // ~= arr.indexOf(undefined)

findIndex() 是真的会去从 0 开始遍历的。就像 for 循环一样。


The reason this actually works unlike indexOf is that a[i] will evaluate to undefined if:

  1. The element exists and it has the value undefined, or
  2. The element doesn’t exist at all. indexOf however will skip these “gaps” in the array.